Model 625 S2 Shipping Worldwide

With more power, deeper engagement, and distortion levels so low we had to buy new test equipment to find any, the new Model 625 S2 decisively earns its Series 2 designation... More info

  • Behold the Daemon Super Integrated

    1500 WPC, entirely new reference level preamplification circuitry and built-in DAC, touch screen, headphone amplifier, and optional phono, WiFi, HDMI... More Info

  • Continuum S2 Integrated

    Featuring entirely redesigned preamplification circuitry and a radical new 400W output stage, the Continuum S2 redefines... More Info

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    Read Roy Gregorys's full review of the 725 Monoblock Amplifiers in - September 2013... More Info

  • The new Model 525 Bridgeable Stereo Amplifier shipping worldwide

    Housed in a chassis milled from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Model 525 features... More Info

  • Experience the power of the Model 825 Stereo Amplifier

    The Model 825 represents the ultimate benchmark of dynamic realism and expressive refinement... More Info

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