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  1. question2013 Product Brochures
    2013 - Product Brochures available for download below.
  2. questionModel 625 Amplifier Owner's Manual
    Download of Model 625 Owners Manual available below.
  3. questionCurrent Product Reviews
    Model 825 Stereo Power Amplifier Audiotechnique #385 - October 2013 - by Winson Ng Model 725 Monoblock Power Amplifier - September 2013 - by Roy Gregory - August 2013 - by Christiaan Punter The Absolute Sound #228 - December 2012 - by Robert Harley Model 625 Ste ...
  4. questionModel 625 Features and Specifications
    Precision machined from a single block of non-resonant aircraft aluminum, the Model 625 features a unique composite circuit architecture incorporating separate Class AB voltage and current gain blocks with no overall negative feedback. Virtually free from EMI field contamination and mechanical v ...
  5. questionCorus and Model 625 Review : HiFi+ Oct 2011
    Please click the attachment link below for complete HiFi+ equipment review of the Corus Preamplifier and Model 625 Stereo Amplifier. As featured in HiFi+ #83, October 2011.
  6. questionWhat happens if a PC-1 is connected to a Model 625 stereo power amplifier?
    Do not do it! The external PC-1 rectifier and conditioner is not compatible with the Model 625 stereo power amplifier. If you connect a PC-1 to Model 625, you will blow a fuse in the amplifier, or you may cause much more serious damage to Model 625. Any damage resulting from PC-1 misuse is no ...
  7. questionWhy Is the PC-1 PFC rectifier NOT compatible with the Model 625 stereo power amplifier?
    The Model 625 stereo power amplifier incorporates an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit that feeds clean high voltage DC to its high speed switch mode power supply (SMPS). The AC input of Model 625 is not compatible with the high voltage (up to 384V) DC output voltage of the external P ...
  8. questionDoes the JRDG warranty cover damage caused by connecting a PC-1 to the Model 625 power amplifier?
    No, PC-1 is not compatible with the Model 625 stereo power amplifier, because Model 625 already incorporates its own PFC circuit. If you misuse a PC-1 by not following the directions and warnings clearly printed on the plasticized card shipped by JRDG with each PC-1, including connecting it to ...
  9. questionModel 625 Stereo Amplifier - Interior Images
    Download Model 625 interior images below, or request images for print here.