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  1. question2013 Product Brochures
    2013 - Product Brochures available for download below.
  2. questionVideo Gallery
    Link to Jeff Rowland Design Group HD video gallery. Includes behind-the-scenes, manufacturing, and new product videos. New content added monthly: Visit Video Gallery
  3. questionContinuum S2 Phono Settings
    If the Phono Card option has been factory installed, so that INPUT 1 on the rear of the Continuum S2 Preamplifier is dedicated for phono operation only, the following adjustments can be made to optimize the performance of a particular phono cartridge. These adjustments include both cartridge loa ...
  4. questionWhat does Jeff Rowland think about modern class-D technology?
    “Over my career I have designed using a wide variety of technologies. I prefer to believe that my work displays a willingness to explore audio design regardless of class designation. While my basic design goals seem best suited to the solid-state domain, I am not overly concerned about wh ...
  5. questionContinuum S2 Integrated Features and Specifications
    Featuring enhanced sonic performance and flexibility, the new Rowland Continuum Series 2 integrated amplifier delivers stunning dynamic realism and expressive refinement through advanced topologies. Continuum S2 integrates the new Capri S2 preamplification circuit, input/output, and control feat ...
  6. questionHow can I turn on/off Continuum S2 home theater bypass mode feature?
    The Continuum S2’s home theater bypass input can be changed to a standard input. This requires a change to an internal jumper setting. Unplug the Continuum S2 Preamplifier power cable from the wall AC outlet. Place the unit upside-down on a soft, clean surface. Remove the six screws that s ...
  7. questionHow can I turn on/off Continuum S2's 5 sec dimming display feature?
    The Continuum S2’s luminescent display can be configured to turn itself off automatically 5 seconds after each button on the front panel or on the remote control is pressed. This requires a change to an internal jumper setting. Unplug the Continuum S2 Preamplifier power cable from the wall ...
  8. questionContinuum S2 Optional Phono Card and DAC Cards
    Internal headers are provided on the Continuum S2 circuit board which allow the user to install an optional Phono card or Digital to Analog Convertor card which convert the line-level INPUT 1 RCA inputs to either Phono or DAC inputs respectively. The Phono Card is adjustable, via jumper placemen ...
  9. questionContinuum S2 Volume Control
    The Continuum S2 volume level is controlled with an optical encoder mounted behind the volume knob which commands the attenuation level of a monolithic resistor attenuator over a 99.5 dB range in 0.5 dB increments. Excellent channel matching, monotonicity, and low noise is achieved throughout th ...
  10. questionContinuum S2 Signal Circuitry
    The new Continuum S2 internal signal circuitry incorporates the latest precision low distortion operational amplifiers powered by ultra low-noise voltage regulators utilizing small geometry SMD components. All resistors are low noise, 0.1% thin-film type for extremely low thermal noise which com ...
  11. questionContinuum S2 Rear Panel Connections
    The Continuum S2 offers excellent compatibility with associated audio and A/V components. When connecting or disconnecting interconnect cables, the preamplifier should be placed in Mute Mode (red MUTE indicator LED on the front panel ON). (1) UNBALANCED INPUTS: If you are using unbalanced RCA i ...
  12. questionCan the Continuum S2 Bypass (Input 5) be changed to a standard input?
    Yes. The Home Theatre BYPASS RCA inputs can be changed to an additional set of standard inputs by placement of an internal jumper inside the unit.
  13. questionCan the Continuum S2 be used for bi-amping?
    Yes. Two sets of preamplifier outputs, both RCA and XLR connector types, provide equal and isolated line-level outputs for system configurations such as loudspeaker bi-amping.
  14. questionContinuum S2 Remote Transmitter Battery Replacement
    When the remote begins to become weak or will not function, it is likely necessary to replace the battery. Access to the battery is gained by removing the back cover of the remote transmitter unit. The old batteries can be removed from the snap-on battery terminals and new batteries reinstalled. ...
  15. questionShould I use custom power cables or power conditioners with the Continuum S2?
    AC power conditioners and custom AC mains power cables are a common accessory in many high performance audio and video systems and can be used to improve the quality of music reproduction in certain instances. We have supplied the best possible basic power cord with the Continuum S2 Preamplifier ...
  16. questionWhat are the button functions on the Continuum S2 remote?
    DISPLAY DIM Press once to dim display one level of brightness. Press again to resume default level of brightness. INPUT SELECT 1-4 The IN 1, IN 2, IN 3, and IN 4 buttons will select the desired input. The input number corresponding to the numbering of the inputs on the rear panel. INPUT SE ...
  17. questionContinuum S2 Front Panel
    (1) INPUT SELECTOR BUTTONS: Pressing these buttons selects an input source (CD, tuner, phono, etc.) connected to the associated rear panel inputs (see Rear Panel Signal Connections on page 15). To select a desired input, press the corresponding Input Selector Button. When an input is activate ...
  18. questionContinuum S2 I/O Design
    All signal inputs are buffered and interfaced to the signal circuitry with Lundahl audio transformers configured for voltage step-down which minimizes source loading and interactions while providing superior RF and EMI immunity. Other benefits include ground noise isolation and excellent common ...
  19. questionDoes Continuum S2 support unity gain for home theater bypass?
    Yes, Continuum S2 is equipped with a single ended unity gain bypass input for home theater applications. Theater Bypass can be selected via the Continuum S2’s front control panel, as well as from the Continuum S2’s remote control transmitter.
  20. questionWhere can I obtain the optional phono and/or DAC cards for the Continuum S2 Integrated?
    Phono and/or DAC cards for the Continuum S2 Integrated are available from authorized JRDG dealers, or directly from the JRDG factory. A complete list of authorized Jeff Rowland dealers and distributors can be found here.
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