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  1. question2013 Product Brochures
    2013 - Product Brochures available for download below.
  2. questionWhat adjustments can be made from the Model 925 rear panel?
    Provisions are made for rear panel switching of input phase, overall gain, and input selection (XLR/RCA). Both XLR and RCA input jacks are custom-made Cardas connectors constructed of copper, rhodium, gold, and Teflon materials for minimal signal loss and excellent corrosion resistance.
  3. questionWhat does Jeff Rowland think about modern class-D technology?
    “Over my career I have designed using a wide variety of technologies. I prefer to believe that my work displays a willingness to explore audio design regardless of class designation. While my basic design goals seem best suited to the solid-state domain, I am not overly concerned about wh ...
  4. questionWhat are the salient technical features of the Model 925 output circuitry?
    The Model 925 incorporates an innovative Ncore class-D audio power technology developed by renowned audio engineer Bruno Putzeys. Based upon a non-hysteresis 5th order self-oscillating control loop taking feedback only at the speaker output, this technology ensures an extremely low distortion l ...
  5. questionDoes the Model 925 utilze a switch-mode power supply?
    Yes. A 2500W switch-mode power supply, powered from the high-voltage DC PFC front-end, provides a highly-regulated, low-noise DC voltage for the amplifier circuitry. The power supply is comprised of four DC to DC converters incorporating “zero-current-switching” technology for high-e ...
  6. questionModel 925 Mono Amplifier Features and Specifications
    The Rowland Model 925 is a stunning four chassis statement sculpted from solid bars of aircraft aluminum. Experience the effortless magic of absolute authority. Vocalists and instruments materialize within an astonishingly concrete sound stage. From the most delicate solos to thundering orchestr ...
  7. questionWhat are the salient technical features of the Model 925 input circuitry?
    The Model 925 incorporates large professional grade Lundahl input transformers on each channel minimizing source loading and interactions while providing superior RF and EMI immunity. Other benefits include ground-noise isolation and excellent common-mode noise rejection (CMRR) from the input so ...
  8. questionWhat are the salient techincal features of the Model 925 power supply?
    The amplifier and power supply of each channel are isolated from each other in separate non-resonant chassis precision-machined from solid bar-stock T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum. High-current DC power and low-current control signals are transferred between the amplifier and power supply via cu ...
  9. questionHow much power does the Model 925 draw at stand-by?
    Separate stand-by circuitry reduces AC mains power to less than 1 watt during stand-by ensuring international regulatory compliance.
  10. questionWhy does the Model 925 utilize a solid-state relay?
    AC Mains power is switched via a solid-state relay. Switching occurs only during the AC mains zero voltage crossing period dramatically reducing in-rush current during turn-on surges and providing a lifetime of trouble-free switching. Separate stand-by circuitry reduces AC mains power to less th ...
  11. questionWhy does the Model 925 utilize Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)?
    Like many other JRDG power products, the Model 925 incorporates active Power Factor Correction (PFC) which ensures virtually 100% utilization of AC mains power. Active PFC enables the amplifier to source AC mains power during the entire 360 degrees of the power cycle. Voltage and current demands ...