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  1. questionIs JRDG also a superior price performer for a ‘real world’ system?
    Rowland products are all exceptional price-performers. The new class A/B Model 625 stereo power amplifier and the Corus preamplifier for example, both deliver musical refinement simply unheard at any price. The JRDG exceptional ‘real world’ price-performance story continues with t ...
  2. questionAre Jeff Rowland power amplifiers analog or digital devices?
    all Rowland amplifiers, regardless of their class of operation, function completely in the analog domain, including the Model 625 stereo amplifier, which operates in class A/B.
  3. questionIs the hallmark Jeff Rowland musicality solid-state-like, or does it sound like ‘tubes?’
    The hallmark JRDG musicality cannot be slotted into a simple category, be it solid state (SS), tube-like, or otherwise. It brings together power, staging, imaging, and control, with an incredible extension devoid of hotspots and suck outs, subtlety and transparency, into a seamless musical whol ...
  4. questionWhat can you do if, after searching the JRDG FAQ and consulting your JRDG authorized dealer, you still cannot find the answer you are looking for?
    If neither your JRDG dealer nor this FAQ facility can answer your questions about JRDG, our technologies, or our products, please do contact us for a prompt response. We may even add your question and our answer to the FAQ itself. Please send us an email message at: mailto:service@jeffrowlan ...
  5. questionWhy we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Jeff Rowland Design?
    Over the years we have realized that our customers, our dealers, and discriminating audio enthusiasts the world over, want to learn so much more about Jeff Rowland Design. Starting with our history, continuing with our leadership in the High End audio industry, on to our stunning products with t ...