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  1. questionHow is signal phase inversion different on the remote control and on Criterion’s menu?
    Signal phase inversion is supported through Criterion's menu, as well as on the remote control transmitter through a direct access key. However, the phase button on Criterion’s remote control transmitter performs only simultaneous phase inversions of both right and left channels. Phase i ...
  2. questionWhat is the sonic signature of the Criterion Reference linestage?
    According to Jeff Rowland, Criterion’s sonic signature goes beyond the human language’s ability of expressing its character: “It goes beyond the words. . . It gets into the essence of music and out of the rational domain that we call the intellect. [Criterion] Has qualities th ...
  3. questionDoes the JRDG warranty cover damage caused by connecting a PC-1 to the Criterion and Corus preamplifiers?
    No, PC-1 is neither compatible with Criterion nor with Corus. if you misuse a PC-1 by not following the directions and warnings clearly printed on the plasticized card shipped by JRDG with each PC-1, including connecting it to Criterion or Corus, Any damage resulting from PC-1 misuse, either to ...
  4. questionWhy Is the PC-1 PFC rectifier NOT compatible with the Criterion and Corus preamplifier?
    The Criterion and Corus preamplifiers incorporate a passive Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit in their high speed switch mode power supply (SMPS). The AC input of these preamplifiers is not compatible with the 384V DC output voltage of the external PC-1 rectifier. The external PC-1 unit is t ...
  5. questionCan a PC-1 rectifier and conditioner be connected to the Criterion and Corus preamplifiers?
    Do not do it! The external PC-1 rectifier and conditioner is not compatible with the Criterion and Corus preamplifiers. If you connect a PC-1 to Criterion or Corus, you will blow a fuse in the preamplifier, or you may cause much more serious damage to the preamplifier. Please note that any damag ...
  6. questionWhat happens if a PC-1 is connected to a Criterion or Corus preamplifier?
    Do not do it! The external PC-1 rectifier and conditioner is not compatible with the Criterion and Corus preamplifiers. If you connect a PC-1 to Criterion or to Corus, you will blow a fuse in the preamplifier, or you may cause much more serious damage to these preamplifiers. Any damage result ...
  7. questionWhy is Criterion completely balanced in its input stages, its output stages, as well as in circuit?
    A fully balanced design is pivotal to the hallmark sonic performance that makes the exquisite Criterion musical experience truly transcendent. The preamplifier is fully balanced in input, output, and in circuit to yield an instrument grade system interface that is highly insensitive to heterogen ...
  8. questionWhy does Criterion support battery powered operations?
    The public AC power grid is unavoidably polluted by an almost infinite number of potential sources of unwanted noise. Electric hash from local home appliances, incoming grunge and random spikes from urban power distribution grids, voltage fluctuations, current/voltage phase anomalies that degra ...
  9. questionWhat are the salient technical features of the Criterion reference preamplifier?
    Dual chassis for maximum electrical/EMI/RF isolation. 2 massive chassis machined from single blocks of aircraft grade Aluminum are insensitive to mechanical resonances. Power supplies and microprocessor-based system control subsystems are isolated and segregated in individual pockets milled ...
  10. questionWhy Criterion’s outputs are completely isolated?
    Each Criterion output is completely isolated electrically and electromagnetically. All outputs are Isolated from ground and from each other to cancel any residual ground currents, which may be otherwise circulating among them. A high degree of output isolation is particularly important for main ...
  11. questionHow can the Criterion reference preamplifier exceed the performance of world-class preamplifiers, including Jeff Rowland’s own great classic designs like Coherence II?
    Criterion is Jeff Rowland’s highest artistic and engineering achievement in a reference linestage preamplifier during a quarter century of continued technological leadership. It even surpasses the extraordinary sonic performance and interface flexibility of the celebrated Coherence II prea ...
  12. questionDoes Criterion feature a full function remote control?
    Yes, the Criterion reference preamplifier features a full function infrared remote control transmitter. The remote control transmitter duplicates support for every function also available from criterion front panel, either through direct access buttons, or by operating Criterions menu.
  13. questionHow to change the batteries of Criterion’s remote control transmitter?
    Criterion’s remote control transmitter is powered by 2 standard alkaline double-A (AA) batteries. When the remote begins to weakens, or no longer functions, its batteries need to be replaced. Using a standard screw driver, unfasten the single slot-type screw, which is slightly recessed in ...
  14. questionWhere is the battery mode operation indicator on Criterion’s display?
    While Criterion is operating in Battery Mode, a small “B” is lit to the left of the battery gas gage. The symbol is not shown during AC operations.
  15. questionHow to select battery/AC operation on Criterion?
    DC Battery power and AC mode operation can be selected from Criterion’s front panel, as well as from its remote control transmitter. * From the main control panel Select “Run on Battery” to activate battery mode operations. Select”Run on AC/Charge” to activate AC ...
  16. questionDoes Criterion switch automatically to battery operation once its batteries are fully recharged?
    No, Criterion does not switch automatically from AC to battery mode. DC Battery power mode operation must be selected manually from Criterion’s front panel or from its remote control transmitter. * From the main control panel • Select “Run on Battery” to activate batte ...
  17. questionHow long can the Criterion reference preamplifier operate on batteries before switching to AC operation?
    Criterion can operate on its twin battery packs for several hours of playing time. When the battery charge is reduced to 12.5%, the preamplifier switches automatically to AC operation, and then commences to recharge its batteries.
  18. questionDoes Criterion switch automatically to AC operation when the battery charge is depleted?
    Yes, while Criterion is operating in battery mode, as soon as its batteries have discharged to approximately 12.5%, operations are switched automatically to its AC regulated power supply, and battery recharge is commenced. Battery charge continues until Criterion’s batteries are fully cha ...
  19. questionHow to orient batteries in Criterion’s battery holders?
    Load all batteries with negative sides first into both battery holders. The positive button’ of each battery must be oriented toward the rear of the preamplifier.
  20. questionWhat are the design goals of the Criterion reference preamplifier?
    Conceived to become the centerpiece of a sophisticated music reproduction system, Criterion is designed to be an ideal interface instrument between heterogeneous input sources and destination devices, while offering the user maximum flexibility and ease of use. Provide the user with a transcend ...
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