Why JRDG employs highly regulated switching power supplies in its statement level products?

Jeff Rowland is committed to the musical superiority of his reference products. This is the reason why high speed, fully regulated switch mode power supplies are found inside all JRDG reference level amplifiers and preamplifiers. A truly advanced, no compromise, and low noise switch mode power supply is superior to the bulky traditional linear and toroidal power supplies employed in other high end audio

Therefore, all JRDG reference products, such as the Model 625 class A/B stereo amplifier, and the Model 301 class D monoblock power amplifier, as well as the Criterion and Corus linestage preamplifiers, incorporate exceedingly quiet and sophisticated versions of highly regulated and high speed switch mode power supplies.

These advanced switch mode power supplies Sport Extremely high switching frequency of up to 1 MHz, and are further enhanced by other advanced regulation technologies, including active (for amplifiers) or passive (for preamplifiers) Power factor correction (PFC) rectification. Ancillary technologies work in synergy to make switch mode power supplies inside JRDG products so fast, so responsive, and most of all so absolutely quiet, that only pure music reaches the listener's ears.

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24th of October, 2010

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