What is Active Power factor Correction (PFC)

Active Power factor Correction (PFC) is a key component of Jeff Rowland’s advanced multi tier front end engineering strategy for reference grade amplification products. Not only Rowland is the World’s 1st designer to introduce PFC to high end power amplification with the Model 12 in 1998, but the new Model 625 class A/B stereo power amplifier, the Continuum 500 integrated power amplifier, and the 301 monoblock amplifier, remain among very few amplifiers in the world that owe some of their musical magic to active Power Factor Correction circuits incorporated directly into their design. The superb musicality yielded by PFC can also be added to the Continuum 250 integrated amplifier, to the 201 monoblock amplifiers, and to the 102 stereo amplifier, through the JRDG PC-1 external PFC power rectifier and conditioner.

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