How has Jeff Rowland remained a true pioneer of the High End audio industry for a quarter century?

For 25 years, Jeff Rowland has established a hallmark reputation for his unsurpassed engineering artistry, for designing and manufacturing products that have consistently mustered the test of time, but also for blazing the path in the high end audio industry with trend setting technical innovations that consistently become fundamental design elements in high end audio.

The astounding elegance of Rowland products, their impeccable execution and quality, as well as their well deserved reputation for musical refinement, turns them invariably into classics and cherished heirlooms. The esthetic and the sonic excellence of his timeless creations reflect that, today more than ever, Jeff Rowland is foremost an industry pioneer and a true technical innovator with many unique technological advances to his credit:
  • Symmetrically balanced power amplification.
  • Application of TI Burr Brown OPA1632 fully differential I/O audio amplifier module to reference-level preamplification.
  • Transformer coupled input and output stages. Rechargeable battery powered amplification and preamplification.
  • Remote control transmitters in Hi End preamplification.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) combined with highly regulated Switching
  • Mode power supplies (SMPS), applied to reference level preamplifiers and class A/B power amplifiers.
  • Active Power factor Correction (PFC).

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