How does Jeff Rowland blaze the path as a true leader in the High End Audio industry?

At a time when the evolution of traditional amplification designs has slowed to a stately pace, Jeff Rowland blazes the trail in the High End audio industry instead.  He has embraced a winning combination of innovative technologies which together form a road “least travelled” and constitute the core of an advanced multi tier technological strategy for the design of reference audio amplification products. 

Taken in isolation, green technologies, active Power Factor Correction (PFC) rectifiers, highly regulated switching power supplies, no global feedback, novel class A/B topologies, DC battery power supplies, Isolation transformers, transformer-coupling, super low noise symmetrically balanced high-speed I/O amplifiers, fully balanced designs, and even JRDG’s stunning non resonant sealed Aluminum chassis, are only raw building blocks but no guarantees of superior sound. It is through the more than 30 years of internationally recognized High End audio engineering and manufacturing experience, that technological building blocks are incorporated into sophisticated designs, which yield all the subtlety, power, and emotion of music.

The compelling sound of Rowland reference products, such as the Criterion and Corus linestage preamplifiers, the Model 625 class A/B stereo power amplifier, and the Continuum 500 integrated amplifier, are proof that, today more than ever, Jeff Rowland’s creations remain supreme instruments for the reproduction of the magic in music, while they continue to represent refined examples of industrial art.        

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