Has Jeff Rowland returned to traditional solid state designs?

Jeff Rowland simply does not believe in following traditional paths: the new Model 625 class A/B stereo power amplifier for example, is a stunning achievement that combines a highly regulated switch mode power supply (SMPS) designed for the aerospace industry with an active Power Factor Correction PFC) unit. In combination, they feed highly purified DC to an advanced class A/B topology sporting no overall feedback.  
Jeff Rowland is a pioneer and a leader blazing the trail in the industry with a long held artistic ideal that combines a hallmark grain free musicality with a continuous quest for ever greater transparency and refinement in music reproduction. 

The synergistic application of an ever evolving toolkit of extremely advanced component technologies is key to his commitment to excellence in music reproduction.

Jeff Rowland never uses ‘traditional’ technologies. Even when he conceived his now classic amplifiers, he applied his genius to designing audio components around advanced technologies that were trend setting, and even controversial in their own time. His creations always muster the test of time, and arise to the status of true classics. 

The controversial technologies of today become the traditional and safe technologies of tomorrow, and the winning amps that use them, become tomorrow’s true classics. 

We do not know what technologies Jeff Rowland will adopt in the future.  Yet we are confident that he will continue to blaze the audio industry trail, with an ever more refined sound that will always remain true and consistent to his highest standards of sophisticated music reproduction.

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