Why we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Jeff Rowland Design?

Over the years we have realized that our customers, our dealers, and discriminating audio enthusiasts the world over, want to learn so much more about Jeff Rowland Design. Starting with our history, continuing with our leadership in the High End audio industry, on to our stunning products with their irresistible sound, their advanced technology, and their simply elegant looks. You have asked us which JRDG components may best fit into your stereo or multi-channel system; which JRDG amplifiers and preamplifiers may be most compatible with other components; and even how you can find accessories, upgrades, or even that rare to find platinum faceplate for a classic Jeff Rowland amplifier.

To answer all of your pressing questions, we have created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system. We intend to make this FAQ a useful and fun place to visit. Here you will find a wealth of answers to fundamental questions about JRDG philosophy, solutions to technical issues, and just unusual or curious tidbits of JRDG ‘lore’. Periodically, we  will update the FAQ with new answers that we create for the questions that you ask to your JRDG dealer, and to us at the factory.  We are confident that the FAQ will contribute to Jeff Rowland Design Group’s unsurpassed tradition of excellence.

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23rd of October, 2010

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