How can the gain in the Model 312 stereo power amplifier be switched from 26dB to 32dB?

WARNING: The instructions in this section are meant for qualified JRDG service personnel only. If you as an end user choose to attempt these adjustments yourself, JRDG will not be held liable for any damage that may occur to your Model 312 Stereo Amplifier because of your actions.

Further, accessing the interior of your Model 312 by removing the bottom cover can expose you to dangerous, potentially lethal electrical voltages. Thus, JRDG will not be held liable for any injury you may sustain should you undertake any of these adjustments yourself.

By removing the top cover the overall gain of the Model 312 Stereo Power Amplifier can be adjusted to either 26 dB or 32 dB via jumpers located on the rear panel circuit board inside the amplifier. The default setting from the factory is 26 dB, which is adequate for the majority of applications. There is no sonic difference between the two settings.

Because of the potentially dangerous voltages inside of the chassis, it is recommended that you contact your dealer for information regarding the overall gain setting adjustments.

NOTE: Do not attempt to remove the top cover to adjust the overall gain without explicit instructions from your dealer or JRDG.

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