What are the Different Generations of the Synergy Preamplifier? What Upgrades are Available?

There have been three different generations of the Synergy Stereo Preamplifier, The original Synergy preamplifier (1/1996 through 3/1997), the Synergy II Stereo Preamplifier (3/1997 through 12/2000), and the Synergy IIi (1/2001 through 5/2006). All Synergy and Synergy II units have a RED volume display. Synergy IIi units may have a GREEN or BLUE volume display.

The Series II Synergy added a set of output transformers to the original Synergy to lower distortion, perform impedance matching between preamp and amp, and decrease noise significantly, and also included a second set of Main Outputs and Record Outputs to allow for bi-amplification and multiple tape or recording systems. The additional outputs are connected in parallel to the original outputs and cannot be controlled separately or independently.

The Series IIi Synergy replaces the original amplifier board within the Synergy and Synergy II with a new, surface mount designed amplifier board and green or blue displays and indicators. This new amplifier board substantially lowers noise and distortion within the preamplifier and increases detail, transient response, and dynamic capabilities dramatically.

The original Synergy can be upgraded to Series II status by installing the output transformers and performing a few modifications to portions of the circuitry. The dual outputs are available as an additional option (the unit must be returned to the factory for the dual output option). Any Series II unit can then be upgraded to IIi status with the installation of the new amplifier board and a new display. A unit must be upgraded to Series II before it can be upgraded to Series IIi. Please contact your local dealer or distributor for upgrade pricing.

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