What are the Differences Between the Concentra and Concentra II? How do I Tell Them Apart? Can an Original Concentra be Upgraded to Series II?

The original Concentra (9/1996 through 1/2001) was a 100 watt per channel integrated amplifier. The Concentra II (1/2001 through 10/2003) is a 150 watt per channel integrated amplifier, so the series II version has 50% more output power available. The Series II version of the Concentra also has a completely different power supply layout and design. The new layout is a much quieter source of power, and also has a separate front-end supply. The new layout is circuit board based and features increased common mode rejection as well as offering better isolation between different portions of the amplifier, lowering radiated fields and noise. This new power supply is the primary reason that the sound quality of the Concentra II is much improved.

The two versions can be identified easily: the original Concentra has a RED volume display and indicators. The Concentra II has a BLUE volume display and indicators. There is an option to upgrade very early Concentra units with a “standby” mode that allows the unit to run cool and lower power consumption when not in use; however, the original Concentra cannot be upgraded to Series II status. Please contact your local dealer or distributor for upgrade pricing.

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