Capri S2 Preamplifier Features and Specifications

With its unprecedented sonic performance and functional enhancements, the new Capri Series 2 preamplifier offers stunning dynamic realism and expressive refinement through an advanced topology.

The Capri S2 features an impressive complement of standard input/output interfaces; greatly enhanced flexibility through its optional DAC card, or phono option; and a subtly prismatic faceplate beautifully integrated into a non-resonant chassis milled from a solid block of aluminum.

With an output impedance of only 80 Ohms balanced and 40 Ohms single ended, Capri S2 drives any amplifier with confidence. Whether serving a single-ended triode amplifier in a vinyl rig, or controlling a quartet of solid-state Rowland M525 monoblocks with a 192 kHz digital source, or at the nexus of a home theater setup, the Capri S2 preamplifier delivers the trademark Rowland musicality, resolution, and consistent authority.


Compact elegance
Balanced preamplifier design housed inside a low profile, compact, ultra-low resonance, structurally rigid chassis that is precision-machined from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum that is completely sealed for trouble-free operation and high RF and EMI isolation. A separate pocket is milled within the chassis to enclose a low noise, auto-ranging switch-mode power supply which accepts all world-wide mains voltages.

I/O flexibility
Dual low impedance line-level outputs (80 Ohms balanced, 40 Ohms unbalanced), 48 Ohms balanced and unbalanced inputs, and preamp bypass inputs allow unprecedented compatibility with audio and A/V components.

Parallel Binding Posts
CE approved speaker output terminals require no tools for secure, low resistance connections, and allow for easy bi-wiring applications.

High-Precision Surface Mount Components
Extensive use of Lead (Pb)-free, low temperature coefficient, active and passive surface-mount components results in significantly smaller loop areas, reduced circuit capacitance and inductance, and introduces less noise than conventional leaded components.

Thin-Film Resistors
All resistors are low noise, 0.1% thin-film type for extremely low thermal noise which complement the low-noise characteristics of the active circuitry.

Four-layer circuit board
All circuitry is populated on one side of a 4 layer circuit board to allow for continuous, unbroken, low impedance ground and power supply distribution planes. Care was taken to minimize signal path lengths and components sizes.

Input transformer-Coupling and Isolation
Transformer coupled input circuitry provides universal component compatibility and virtually eliminate ground loop noise and RFI/EMI. Transformer coupling ensures identical preamplifier overall gain from all inputs. Other benefits include ground noise isolation and excellent common mode noise rejection (CMRR) from all sources.

Precision volume adjustments
Dual rate volume control allows precision level adjustments over nearly a 100 dB range. The volume control incorporates a permanently noiseless optical encoder that always maintain its tactile feel, accuracy, and channel balance at all settings. The optical encoder mounted behind the volume knob commands the attenuation level of a monolithic resistor attenuator over a 99.5 dB range in 0.5 dB increments. Excellent channel matching, monotonicity, and low noise is achieved throughout the entire volume adjustment range over the lifetime of the product.

High-efficiency switch-mode power supply
Highly efficient, compact, light weight, switch-mode power supply provides optimum voltage regulation for all circuits and operating conditions, and allows for quiet operation over a wide range of AC mains power sources.

Optional DAC card
Plug-in DAC card (installed internally) converts Line Input 1 to high performance DAC input. Accepts all SPDIF digital signal sources from 44.1 to 192 kHz sampling rates and adjusts accordingly.

Optional phono card

Plug-in phono cards (installed internally) converts Line Input 1 to high performance phono input. Three gain and loading options can accommodate moving magnet (MM), moving coil (MC), and high output moving coil cartridge types.

Home theater bypass adjustment
The home theater bypass RCA inputs can be changed to an additional set of standard inputs by placement of an internal jumper inside the unit.

Display off (5 sec)
An internal jumper will place the display in an automatic OFF condition after 5 seconds from any operational command and illuminates again for 5 seconds after additional commands are initiated.

Remote control

Six-function remote control transmitter adjusts volume, input selection, mute, channel balance with display, display dimming and turn-off, and control of absolute phase.
High-quality connectors
All signal connectors are rhodium plated, copper jacks (RCA) and Neutrix silver plated contact (XLR), soldered directly to the circuit board for direct connection to the signal circuitry.

Green technology
Modest power consumption of mere 6 Watts permits constant power-up operation to eliminate warm-up time and maximize musical performance, and allows Capri S2 Preamplifier to operate enclosed into an entertainment unit.

15 Amp female IEC AC power connector.


Overall Gain

14 dB

Frequency Response
10 Hz - 350 kHz, -3 dB

2 pair balanced (XLR)
2 pair unbalanced (RCA)
1 pair unbalanced bypass (RCA)

1 pair balanced (XLR)
1 pair unbalanced (RCA)

Preamplifier Weight
9.5 lb / 4.26 kg

Preamplifier Dimensions (H/W/D)

2.6" x 13.7" x 6.2"
67mm x 350mm x 157mm

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