What does Jeff Rowland think about modern class-D technology?

“Over my career I have designed using a wide variety of technologies. I prefer to believe that my work displays a willingness to explore audio design regardless of class designation. While my basic design goals seem best suited to the solid-state domain, I am not overly concerned about which class of technological platform I work within. You might say I am a proponent of the classless society of audio design taking the best that each has to offer in an attempt to create the finest components possible.

I consider class-D to be highly competitive in the present, and to offer an evolutionary pathway of audio design that may produce even more astonishing results in the future.  Again, it is not a matter of class distinction.  The application of technology is what is important.  It can produce brilliant or poor results depending on its implementation. Strict adherence to a class designation for an audio designer is like asking a painter to reduce the number of colors on his palette.

New components, technologies and design concepts are just pieces of a greater puzzle. It takes years to understand the complex relationship between component parts and the end design. Audio design is an art form that requires a lifetime to master. There are no shortcuts.”

– Jeff Rowland, September 2013

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7th of October, 2013

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