Capri S2 Phono Card Settings

If the Phono Card option has been factory installed, so that INPUT 1 on the rear of the Capri S2 Preamplifier is dedicated for phono operation only, the following adjustments can be made to optimize the performance of a particular phono cartridge. These adjustments include both cartridge loading and overall phono amplifier gain.

Moving Coil 100 Ohms

Moving Coil 400 Ohms

High Output Moving Coil

Moving Magnet

CAUTION: Do not select the 47K ohm Load Switch Position unless a turntable, phono cartridge or RCA “shorting plug is connected to INPUT1!

CAUTION: If a phono turntable or RCA “shorting” plug is not connected to INPUT 1/and the card is installed, set the Load Switch Position to any position except 47K. The 47K ohm Load Switch Position is used for Moving Magnet or High Output Moving Coil phono cartridges only!

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18th of November, 2013

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