• Model 925

    Experience the effortless magic of absolute authority. Vocalists and instruments materialize within an astonishingly concrete sound stage.

    From the most delicate solos to thundering orchestrals, emotion and music dance throughout a seemingly infinite frequency spectrum.

  • Model 825

    The Model 825 represents the ultimate benchmark of dynamic realism and expressive refinement. A quarter century of engineering passion expressed in the synergy of advanced technologies and timeless design.

    A stunning achievement inspired by the musicality of an enduring classic: the Rowland Model 8.

  • Model 525

    Housed in a chassis milled from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Model 525 features an innovative topology that epitomizes power and efficiency.

    Bridgeable from 250W to 950W, the Model 525 delivers stunning dynamic realism and expressive refinement.

  • Continuum S2

    Continuum S2 integrates the new Capri S2 preamplification circuit, input/output, and control features with an innovative 400 watt power amplification stage into a single chassis.

  • Capri S2

    The Capri S2 features an entirely redesigned preamplifier topology, an impressive complement of standard input/output interfaces, and greatly enhanced flexibility through its optional DAC and phono cards.

  • Getting to
    know the KnowledgeBase

    Hundreds of frequently asked questions have been compiled from dealers and customers worldwide to form the backbone of the Jeff Rowland Design Group KnowldegeBase.

    Visit the KnowledgeBase for in-depth information on current products, design philosophy, technology, support, service, and documentation.

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