Model 102

  • Model 102 Stereo

    Fully balanced differential mode input and output circuit from its Neutrik XLR inputs to the Cardas output binding posts. Virtually free of ground loop noise and EMI. High common rejection ratio of 85dB.

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Model 102 Technology

Model 102 features an innovative, fully balanced Differential Mode input and output circuit from its Neutrik XLR inputs to the Cardas output binding posts. The architecture is pivotal to the 102’s elimination of ground loop noise and EMI, as well as its high common rejection ratio of 85dB.

Optional RCA to XLR input adapters available from JRDG insure invariant gain and input impedance for unbalanced sources. Model 102 sports a full dual-mono design with dual stage regulated high voltage switch mode power supplies that are auto-ranging and auto-sensing for automatic compatibility with AC mains voltages world wide.

Twin advanced ICEpower 200 AS power conversion modules deliver full a 100 watts of power over 8 Ohms per channel, doubling into 4 Ohms. A peak current of 11 amps, and a damping factor of 1000 make Model 102 comfortable with speakers ranging from power hungry diminutive studio monitors to many high efficiency full range speakers. For even greater musical refinement and control, the external PC-1 active power factor correction (PFC) rectifier and conditioner is plug & play compatible with Model 102.

Model 102 Features

Diamond sculpted

Front panel precision-sculpted with a unique process that utilizes a diamond tipped cutting tool to produce an attractive and unique appearance.

Understated elegance

Housed inside Elegant, ultra-low resonance, structurally rigid chassis that are precision-machined from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum that are completely sealed for trouble-free operation and high RF and EMI isolation.

Fully-balanced & Streamlined IO

Fully-balanced topology implemented in both input and output circuitry. One pair XLR input connectors for balanced system configurations. Same gain and input impedance characteristics are ensured whether XLR or RCA adapted inputs are used. CE approved speaker output terminals require no tools for secure, low resistance connections.

Ultra low noise

Low noise, high-current, switchmode power supply provides highest performance at any world-wide mains operating voltage and ensures consistent performance under all operating and AC line conditions.

Power Supply Efficiency

High efficiency ICEpower® power conversion technology generates high output power with very little heat, promotes long component life and permits a relatively small physical size.

Green power

Low power consumption permits constant power-up operation to eliminate warm-up time.

Ultra-low resonance

Ultra-low resonance, structurally rigid chassis, precision-machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

Remote trigger

Remote ON/OFF input jack allows amplifier standby operation from a remote source for inclusion into home theater (A/V) systems.

Model 102 Specifications

Output Power Continuous RMS / @ 8 ohms - 100 watts / @ 4 ohms - 200 watts
Input Impedance 40k Ohms
Frequency Response 5 Hz - 65kHz, 3dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >85 dB, 20 Hz 20 kHz
Peak Output Current > 11 amps
Absolute Phase Non-inverting, Pin 2 Positive
Dynamic Range 110 dba
Outputs 1 Pair CE-Approved Binding Posts
CCIF Intermod. Dist., 14/15kHz < .0005% 10 W 4 ohms
Power Consumption Idle - 10 watts / Maximum - 500 watts
Damping Factor @ 1 kHz 1000
Amplifier Weight 7.4 lbs/3.4 kg.
Overall Gain 27 dB
Amplifier Dimensions 2.7"(H) x 13.7"(W) x 7.5"(D) / 68.5mm(H) x 34.8cm(W) x 19cm(D)

Model 102 Reviews

Model 102 Stereo

The Model 102 stereo power amplifier delivers Jeff Rowland’s classic musicality in a simple 10 pound package that matches the sophisticated style of the Capri preamplifier. Model 102 captures the elusive musical experience with unmitigated grace. It delivers a linear frequency extension that ranges from a pitched bass to a textured treble, with rippling harmonics, surprising authority, nuanced resolution, and the effortless musicality of a true Rowland.

Housed in an elegant and compact chassis milled from aircraft-grade Aluminum ingots, this stereo power amplifier has been created to exacting JRDG standards It will deliver years of refined musical enjoyment at a real world price.

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