Continuum 500

  • Continuum 500

    A 1500W active Power Factor Correction (PFC) rectifier in its front end is followed by a capacitor-based DC power buffer and twin, highly-regulated very high-speed and low-noise switch mode power supplies.

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Continuum 500 Technology

Inside an elegant sealed chassis milled from aircraft-grade aluminum ingots, Continuum 500 features a transformer-coupled fully balanced topology. A 1500W active Power Factor Correction (PFC) rectifier in its front end is followed by a capacitor-based DC power buffer and twin, highly-regulated very high-speed and low-noise switch mode power supplies.

To maximize common mode rejection and minimize EMI, transformer coupled I/O stages sport 48 KOhms balanced XLR and RCA single ended inputs and line level outputs, a theater bypass input, and optional superior phono cards.

At Continuum’s core, twin, blazingly fast Burr Brown OPA1632 differentially balanced I/O audio amplifier modules supply preamplification, followed by ICEpower 1000 ASP power conversion modules that generate more than 500W into eight ohms, doubling into four. The output stages are completed by banks of large bulk output capacitors that further enhance Continuum 500’s exceptional authority into the symmetrically balanced Cardas speaker output terminals.

A speed-sensitive optically encoded volume knob yields precision level adjustments over a 99 dB range in 0.5dB to 1.5dB steps, while a six-function infrared remote matches most front panel controls.

Continuum 500 Features

Understated elegance

Integrated 500W balanced amplifier design housed inside an Elegant, ultra-low resonance, structurally rigid chassis that is precision-machined from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum that is completely sealed for trouble-free operation and high RF and EMI isolation.

PFC conditioning

Massive 1500 pre-power supply Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) based current rectification sub-system, followed by a large bank of filtering capacitors, converts noisy AC power into supremely quiet and smooth DC high voltage. AC line harmonic noise pollution is virtually eliminated, and power utilization efficiency is increased to 99%, resulting in exceptional nimbleness and refined musicality.

Power supply efficiency

Regulated, high speed, vanishingly quiet switch mode power supplies (SMPS) ensure consistent performance under all operating conditions.

Leading preamplification

Advanced linestage circuit based on the sophisticated topology of the Capri preamplifier utilizes the TI Burr Brown OPA1632 fully differential I/O audio amplifier module—also incorporated in the Criterion reference preamplifier—to yield the most refined musical experience.

Green power

Twin ultra- high efficiency ICEpower 1000 ASP power conversion modules yield 500 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, doubling over 4 Ohms, and a peak current of 40 Amps.

Enhanced authority

Continuum 500 balanced output stages are equipped with unique bank of large bulk output capacitors that further enhance its transient speed, sonic authority, macro dynamics, and presence.

I/O flexibility

Dual line-level outputs (balanced and unbalanced), balanced and unbalanced inputs, and preamp bypass inputs allow unprecedented compatibility with audio and A/V components, while optional high quality phono cards are available for compatibility with vinyl sources.

Fully balanced

Balanced input and output topology, including active positive and negative leads on Cardas output terminals for optimum speaker control, yields high common rejection ratio of 85dB over 20 to 20 KHz audio frequency band.

Line level transformer-coupled IO

Transformer coupled inputs provide universal compatibility with other components and eliminate ground loop noise and EMI, while transformer coupled outputs produce ideal amplifier-to-loudspeaker impedance, damping, and current matching.

Quiet power

Rocker switch on back panel coupled to timer relay, turns Continuum quietly on to full power after circuit stabilization.

Remote control

Six-function remote control transmitter controls volume, input selection, mute, and channel balance.

Remote trigger

Supports 12V remote ON/OFF remote trigger for power switching via 1/8” jack on rear panel.


Grounding post for star-grounding and other advanced configurations is accessible on the rear panel.

Precision volume adjustments

Dual rate volume control allows precision level adjustments over nearly a 100 dB range. The volume control incorporates a permanently noiseless optical encoder that always maintain its tactile feel, accuracy, and channel balance at all settings. The volume can be adjusted from 0dB to 99.5dB from the volume knob on the front panel, as well as from the 6 function remote control. Rapid turns of the volume control adjust the volume by 1.5dB increments. Slow turns of the control allow for very fine adjustments by 0.5dB increments.


Three-point self-leveling chassis support and Sorbothane compliant pads.


15 Amp female IEC AC power connector.

Continuum 500 Specifications

Output Power @ 8 ohms Continuous RMS 500 watts, both channels driven
Output Power @ 4 ohms Continuous RMS 1000 watts, both channels driven
Frequency Response 5 Hz – 45 kHz, -3 dB @ 8 ohms
Peak Output Current 40 amps
Dynamic Range 120 dBa
Load Impedance Range 3 ohms – 16 ohms
Input Impedance 48 k ohms
THD & Noise, 0.1 watts to Max Output < 0.1%, Typically .01% @ 1 kHz
Damping Factor @ 1 kHz > 1000
Gain Structure Preamplifier Section 14 dB, Amplifier Section 26 dB
Volume Control Range 99.5 dB
Volume Control Resolution 0.5 dB +/- 0.05 dB Over Entire Range
Common Mode Rejection Ratio > 85 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Inputs 2 pair Balanced (XLR), 2 pair Unbalanced (RCA) / 1 pair Unbalanced (RCA), Unity Gain (Bypass)
Outputs 1 pair Balanced (XLR), 1 pair Unbalanced (RCA) / 1 pair CE-Approved Speaker Wire Clamp
Power Consumption Idle – 60 watts, Max – 2000 watts
Power Supply Switch Mode (SMPS) with active power factor correction (PFC) and universal AC input voltage
Amplifier Weight 44 lbs / 20 kg
Amplifier Dimensions (H) x (W) x (D) 5.3" x 15.5” x 15.0” (135mm x 394mm x 380mm)

Continuum 500 Reviews

Continuum 500

Refined by a massive 1500 Watts of pre power supply PFC rectification, and augmented by the tremendous authority of twin custom banks of bulk output capacitors. Continuum 500 combines tremendous authority, neutral extension, great imaging and staging, with the ability to recover minute sonic detail, an enviable harmonic richness, and an inherent capacity to control speakers ranging from full-range three ohms electrostatics and bipolars to large dynamic designs.

Continuum 500 is created to the exacting JRDG artistic and engineering standards that turn advanced green technologies into refined sonic performance. Unsurprisingly, discerning music lovers will choose this magnificent integrated powerhouse as the centerpiece of their sophisticated audio and AV reproduction systems.